The breakthrough of hand sanitizers

Touchland is committed to create the best hand hygiene experience to everyone through our beautifully designed, sustainable & smart solutions.


Beautifully designed
to make your life easier

KUB blends stylishly into any environment.
Meet the first beautifully designed dispenser that enables a healthier environment for yourself and those around you.


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Smart maintenance

High-end sensor technology to analyze hand sanitizer usage and offer a real-time water saving counter. Perfect solution for any business to efficiently manage refill & battery levels.


Upgraded sanitizing experience

Touchland high quality moisturizing hand sanitizer solution includes aloe vera, essential oils and other high-performance natural ingredients along with Denatured Ethyl Alcohol in order to kill germs without leaving hands dry.
Our unique aqueous solution evaporates fast leaving hands feeling fresh & soft.

Discover the benefits for your hands:


Full of what your hands need, not what they don’t

Kills 99,9% of germs | Triclosan free | Cruelty free | Paraben-free | Dermatologically tested

Kub helps you save
water and money

Every time you wash your hands with water & soap, you use 2 liters of water Meet the most sustainable & economic way to keep your hands clean. REFEEL gives you double the amount of doses over gel or foam hand sanitizer refills and it’s even cheaper than washing your hand with water & soap. Track your water savings through touchland® app.


Liters of saved water


Everything you need to know

Smart technology

4 batteries D-type

Touchless system

Battery live: 2 years battery life

Security lock

Dosage regulation

Frame: white ceramic-feel finish

USB cable included
Power supply not included

Height: 34,95 cm (13.78 inches)
Width: 21 cm (8,27 inches)
Depth: 12,3 cm (4,84 inches)

Simple, yet elegant
meet KUB supports

Designed for every need and occasion.
Each support allows you to place the dispenser anywhere you want.

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Personalize the experience by customizing your KUB with your company logo or special message.

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