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Legal Warning

In accordance with Law 15/1999, 13th December, on Personal Data Protection, we inform you that your personal data that can appear in this communication are incorporated in an automated file, liability of the company TOUCHLAND LLC Tax Identification Code: CIF. 82-2910722, registered in the Trade Register of Barcelona, Volume 42046, Sheet of paper 37, Sheet Number B-400261 Entry 1ª. The purpose of this file is the management of the requested service.

The user guarantees the authenticity of all the data he/she communicates through www.touchland.com and will keep updated the information you provide to TOUCHLAND LLC, so that it always corresponds to his/her real situations; he/she will be solely liable for the false or inexact statements he/she makes, and for the damages he/she causes to TOUCHLAND LLC or to third parties.

TOUCHLAND LLC cannot assume any liability arising from the incorrect, inappropriate or illegal use of the information appearing in the Internet pages of TOUCHLAND LLC

With the limits established by law, TOUCHLAND LLC does not assume any liability arising from the lack of veracity, integrity, updating and precision of the data or information contained in its Internet pages. The contents and information of the Internet pages of TOUCHLAND LLC are made by professionals who are duly qualified for the exercise of their profession. However, the contents and information do not bind the above mentioned company, nor do they constitute opinions, advices or legal advice of any type, as they are merely a service offered with an informative and divulgative character.

The Internet pages of TOUCHLAND LLC can contain links to other pages of third parties. Therefore, it cannot assume liabilities for the content that may appear in the pages of third parties. The texts, images, sounds, animations, software and the rest of the content included in this website are of the exclusive ownership of TOUCHLAND LLC or its licensors. Any act of transmission, distribution, assignment, reproduction, storage or total or partial public communication must have the express consent of TOUCHLAND LLC

Furthermore, to gain access to the services that TOUCHLAND LLC offers through its website, you must provide some personal data. In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December, we inform you that your personal data are incorporated and will be treated in the files of TOUCHLAND LLC, in order to be able to render and offer you our services. Besides, we inform you of the possibility to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data, in 100 SE 2nd Street, suite 2000 (office 24) – FL 33131 MIAMI or you can send an e-mail to info@touchland.com

Also, your acceptance to this Legal Notice is providing explicit consent to TOUCHLAND LLC   can send advertising or promotional e-mail or other similar form of communication, in the terms established by Law 34/2002, on the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce. In the case of not being interested in receiving such communications, please contact TOUCHLAND LLC, at the above address or email info@touchland.comexpressing your will.

If you include in the forms personal data corresponding to third parties you must, before including them, obtain his/her approval and inform him/her of the aspects contained in the previous paragraphs.

Intelectual Property

The contents provided by DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. are subject to the rights of intellectual and industrial property and are of the exclusive ownership of DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. or the individuals or legal entities we inform about. With the purchase of a product or service, DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. does not grant the purchaser any right of alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the same; DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. reserves all these rights. The assignment of the mentioned rights will require the prior written consent by the holder of the same, so that the client may not put those contents at the disposal of third parties.
The intellectual property extends, apart from the content included in DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L., to its graphs, logotypes, designs, images and source codes used for its programming.

DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. has obtained the information and materials included in the web from sources considered as reliable and, although reasonable measures have been adopted to ensure that the contained information is correct, DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. cannot guarantee that in all moments and circumstances that information is exact, complete, updated and, consequently, you cannot trust it as if it were so. DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. expressly declines any liability for mistakes or omissions in the information contained in the pages of this web.

DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. reserves the power to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the content of the web, the links or the information obtained through it, with no need for a prior warning. It in no case assumes any liability as a consequence of the incorrect use of the web by the user, both of the information and of the services contained in it.

In no case shall DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. its branch offices and/or work centres, directors and/or attorneys, employees and, in general, the authorised staff be liable for any type of damage, losses, claims or expenses of any type, if they are the result, directly and indirectly, of both the use and/or diffusion of the web or the information acquired or accessed by or through it, or of its computer viruses, of operation failures or of interruptions in the service or transmission, or of failures in the line when using the web, both by direct connection and by links or other means, constituting for all legal purposes a warning to any user that these possibilities and events can take place.

DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. is not liable for the webs that are not its own, to which you can access by links, or for any content put at the disposal of third parties. Any use of a link or access to a web that is not its own, will be performed voluntarily and at the exclusive risk of the user. DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. does not recommend or guarantee any of the information obtained through a link, and is not liable for any loss, claim or damage arising from the use or bad use of a link, or from the information obtained through it, including other links or webs, for the interruption in the service or the access, or for the attempt to use a link or to use it badly, both when connecting to the web of DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L.and when gaining access to the information of other webs from the same.

Industrial & Intelectual Property

This web is owned by DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. The intellectual property rights and the rights of exploitation and reproduction of this web, of its pages, screens, the Information they contain, their appearance and design, and the hyperlinks established from it to other web pages of any subsidiary and/or company dominated by DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L., are of the exclusive property of the same, unless other thing is expressly specified. Any denomination, design and/or logotype, and any product or service offered and reflected in this web page, are brands duly registered by DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L., by its subsidiaries and/or dominated companies or by third parties. Any undue use of the same by people other than their legitimate owner and without the express and unequivocal consent by that owner can be denounced and pursued by all the legal means existing in the Spanish and/or European Community legal system.

The intellectual property rights and brands of third parties are conveniently highlighted and must be respected by everyone gaining access to this page; DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. is not liable for the use that the user may carry out to that regard; the user is solely liable.

You can only download the contents, copy or print any page from this web for a personal and private use. It is forbidden to reproduce, transmit, modify or delete the information, content or warnings from this web without the prior written consent of DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L.

Governing law and jurisdiction

These general conditions are governed by the Spanish legislation; the Spanish Courts and Tribunals are competent to deal with any matters related with the interpretation, application and compliance with the same. The user, in view of his acceptance of the general conditions appearing in this legal warning, expressly waives to any jurisdiction that, applying the Spanish Code of Civil Procedure in force, might correspond to him.


If you want to participate in our blogs, you must accept the following rules:

1. Responsibility of the user. Who participating in the blogs on the web is the only responsible of the spread messages on them, guaranteeing to hold DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L.completely harmless with respect any reclaim that could be for those concepts. In the case that the messages contain material with protected contents by rights of the intellectual or industrial property, the user must guarantee his ownership or the authorization of the owner to spread it on the Blogs. And releases DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. from any third reclaim due to those concepts.

2. The user must choose the appropriate blog before publishing a message. Those messages do not fit the subject matter of the blog could be eliminate. It is completely forbidden to publish promotions and commercial offers links, advertising, promotional material, chain letters and any direct or indirect promotional activity or any other commentary that does not fit the normal development of the blogs matters.

3. The user must respect the rest of users. The user must be tolerant and respectful with the messages and opinions of the other users. The messages considered detrimental against third rights or attempt the peaceful development of the blogs could be abolished.

4. DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. reserves the right to reproduce, modify or spread the messages published on the blogs according the appropriate terms and ways, without corresponding to the user any kind of compensation for this concept.

5. DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. is not responsible of the published content on the blogs, and do not guarantee the veracity or the accuracy of the information published on them. It belongs to the user sender of the messages or information the responsibility for its content.

6. DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. does not guarantee the availability and the continuity of the blogs services on the web, can modify, suspend or eliminate them of the web any moment without notice.

7. In the case that one user could be affected  by illegal actions, or detects misuse of the blogs on the web by other user, will be able to inform to DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L., sending an e-mail to info@touchland.com, referring as the subject “moderation of blogs”, in order DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. could moderate or eliminate them.

8. The user will hold harmless DISTRIBUCIONES TOUCHLAND, S.L. against any claim could be due to the messages that the user had spread on the blogs or due to any other conduct regarding the use of the blogs on the web by the user.

Política de cookies

Una “Cookie” es un pequeño archivo que se almacena en el ordenador del usuario y nos permite reconocerle. El conjunto de “cookies” nos ayuda a mejorar la calidad de nuestra web, permitiéndonos controlar qué páginas encuentran nuestros usuarios útiles y cuáles no.

Las cookies son esenciales para el funcionamiento de internet, aportando innumerables ventajas en la prestación de servicios interactivos, facilitándole la navegación y usabilidad de nuestra web. Tenga en cuenta que las cookies no pueden dañar su equipo y que, a cambio, el que estén activadas nos ayudan a identificar y resolver los errores.

La información que le proporcionamos a continuación, le ayudará a comprender los diferentes tipos de cookies:

Cookies de sesión: son cookies temporales que permanecen en el archivo de cookies de su navegador hasta que abandone la página web, por lo que ninguna queda registrada en el disco duro del usuario. La información obtenida por medio de estas cookies, sirven para analizar pautas de tráfico en la web. A la larga, esto nos permite proporcionar una mejor experiencia para mejorar el contenido y facilitando su uso.

Cookies permanentes: son almacenadas en el disco duro y nuestra web las lee cada vez que usted realiza una nueva visita. Una web permanente posee una fecha de expiración determinada. La cookie dejará de funcionar después de esa fecha.

A continuación publicamos una relación de las principales cookies utilizadas en nuestra Web, distinguiendo:

Las cookies estrictamente necesarias como por ejemplo, aquellas que sirvan para una correcta navegación o las que permitan realizar servicios solicitados por el usuario o cookies que sirvan para asegurar que el contenido de la página web se carga eficazmente.

Las cookies de terceros como por ejemplo, las usadas por redes sociales, o por complementos externos de contenido.

Las cookies analíticas con propósitos de mantenimiento periódico, y en aras de garantizar el mejor servicio posible al usuario, los sitios web´s hacen uso normalmente de cookies “analíticas” para recopilar datos estadísticos de la actividad .


La tabla que publicamos a continuación recoge de forma esquematizada las cookies que utilizamos en nuestra página web:



Finalidad / Más información




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Más información sobre las cookies de Google en www.google.com/intl/es/policies/technologies/types (castellano)

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Garantías complementarias – Gestión de cookies:
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Muchos navegadores permiten activar un modo privado mediante el cual las cookies se borran siempre después de su visita. Dependiendo de cada navegador este modo privado, puede tener diferentes nombres. A continuación encontrará una lista de los navegadores más comunes y los diferentes  nombres de este “modo privado”:Internet Explorer 8 y superior; InPrivate Safari 2 y superior; Navegación Privada
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