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Safety Manufacturing Update: How we work

At Touchland we believe transparency is a key factor for why we have been able to create this beautiful community around our brand. Due to the recent news of hand sanitizers being recalled, we wanted to provide full detail into how we work, and who we work with.

Our strategic exclusive manufacturing partner is the Zobele Group, one of the main suppliers of P&G and Reckitt Benckiser and with 100 years of history. Zobele Group is a multinational manufacturer with a worldwide presence and over 5,000 employees. They have 7 manufacturing plants, 5 development centers and 2 innovation hubs in 8 different countries across the world, and Touchland is manufactured in both their China and Mexico plants. Zobele Group’s commitment to the highest quality standards has made them leaders in the industry and trusted by Fortune 500 companies in the US.

*Zobele’s manufacturing plants across the world

*Zobele’s manufacturing plants across the world

Due to the increased amount of emerging or opportunistic “hand sanitizer companies”, the FDA is testing all incoming shipments containing hand sanitizers at customs in order to protect US consumers from harmful substances.

Touchland, together with Zobele Group, has been manufacturing hand sanitizing products for the past three years. Our products are manufactured in FDA compliant facilities at Zobele Group’s Hermosillo, Mexico manufacturing plant. Furthermore, they are tested by the FDA upon every border crossing from Mexico into the US to ensure FDA specifications are met and the sanitizer is safe for human use. Touchland has a 100% success rate in all FDA tests and is fully compliant under current FDA regulations.

* Images of Zobele Mexico manufacturing facilities where Touchland manufactures

Sample FDA border control “Cargo Release Notification”

This is a typical document that is issued to Touchland after FDA inspection and testing. In section s070 of this notification, our products manufactured at Zobele Group’s factory in Mexico have been cleared to enter the US with the note "May Proceed."

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