Here's to
being human

Who we are

Here's to
being human

We are game-changers. We believe hand hygiene should be fun, convenient, cool & pleasing.

That’s why we challenged ourselves to create solutions that redefine the way you take care of your health. We believe that our solutions should be not only fill a void; they should also bring you joy & improve your life.

Why we started

We are passionate about finding solutions to help simplify everyday life, and take care of everyone's health. In our modern, urban lifestyles, our hands are exposed to all kinds of unhygienic surfaces teaming with illness causing germs— but keeping your hands clean shouldn't mean drying out your skin or leaving hands sticky. That's why we've created the next generation of hand sanitizers with a fast-evaporating, naturally moisturizing & sanitizing formula that keeps your hands soft, clean, and smelling great.

Made for you

This brand is for life-lovers, people that want to simplify their lives, are passionate about design, caring souls that are environmentally responsible, ultimate geeks, experience enthusiasts with minds that always look for something different. For all you, we will do our best to always overcome your expectations with every single product we create.

Our story

It all started in 2010 in Barcelona when Andrea Lisbona, our founder & CEO, decided to revolutionize the commoditized industry of hand sanitizers. She decided to take hand hygiene to a whole new level with a visionary team that had a sixth-sense for what was needed.
In 2017, we decided to cross the ocean and take over the world from United States market while partnering with Zobele, a multinational manufacturing company as a strategic partner for our growth.

Our strategic
manufacturing partner

“We believe Touchland is disrupting, and will ultimately innovate a massive world-wide industry: personal sanitization. After much deliberation, our company chose to back the growth potential of Touchland by not only providing highly-scalable, exclusive manufacturing and logistics services, but also placing a substantial cash investment during the company’s founding stages. We believe in Touchland.”
- Roberto Schianchi
Chief Executive Officer at Zobele Group

Making a difference

We want to make a positive impact in the world & that’s why we created our social campaign touchlives. We dedicate 5% of our profits to send our sanitizing hygiene solutions to developing countries where there’s water scarcity & many kids die every day from diarrheal diseases caused by a lack of safe water, sanitation and basic hygiene.

We want to give back to society the support we’ve received and help communities where hygiene is critical to survive.